CDL/CDLF Vertical Multistage Water Pump

CDL/CDLF vertical multistage water pump

CDL/CDLF vertical multistage water pump


CDL/CDLF Vertical Multistage Water Pump Parameters:

Pump name CDL/CDLF Vertical Multistage Water Pump
Manufacturer HAINA PUMPS CO.,LTD
Working Principle Centrifugal
Applications Chemical Industry, Pharmacy, Acid Cleaning, Farm Chemicals,waste water treatment,etc.
Driver Electric
Working Temperature -20°C ~ 300°C
Type of connection Flange, Thread, Quick coupled
Installation position Vertical.
Pump body Cast iron, SS304,  SS316,  SS316L, Stainless steel.
Shaft seal: Magnetic coupling.
Power 0.37KW ~ 45KW
Caliber: 20mm ~ 125mm
Flow 1m3/h ~ 110m3/h.
Head 4m ~ 310m.
Pressure 0.4 ~ 30 bar
Product Features 1. Stainless steel overcurrent parts,prevent secondary pollution, do not overflow rust water, yellow water, and use more healthy water.

2. CDL/CDLF is a kind of vertical non-self priming multistage centrifugal pump, which is drivenby a standard electric motor. The motor output shaft directly con nects with the pump shaft through a coupling. The pressure-resistant cylinder and flow passage components are fixed between pump head and in-and outlet section with tie-bar bolts. The inlet and outlet are located at the pump bottom at the same plane. This kind of pump can be equ-ipped with an intelligent protector to effectively prevent it from dry-running, out-of-phase and overload.

3. Corrosion-resistant not easy to rust.